Get to know
Len Gierach

Get to know
Len Gierach

Len Gierach brings a broad international perspective to his work and community life. A graduate of the University of Alberta (BA Psychology 1986) with after degree education studies at Faculte St Jean, Len travelled and worked in four countries on three continents. 

He and his wife Heather share five children and 3 grandchildren living in Alberta and BC.

His depth of business experience ranges from retail business ownership in Grande Prairie and Edmonton to a sales and marketing position in a large Canadian Corporation, in addition to working for non-profit organizations such as Retail Alberta, and St. Albert Chamber of Commerce.

This colorful history of varied work, study, and travel experiences have strongly influenced his artistry as a published writer and author; pianist, and chorister (Richard Eaton Singers – Edmonton) and have fuelled his passion for the arts in school and community. 

Len’s record of service to the community is rooted in Edmonton Toastmaster Clubs, Rotary Clubs in both Edmonton and Spruce Grove, as well as serving on the board of directors for the North American Interfaith Network.

His abundant variety of life experience has led him to appreciate innovation and creativity and to embrace the gifts of multiple cultures and diversity in Spruce Grove.

He is committed as a team leader to events such as World Interfaith Harmony Week each year in February. This legacy has strengthened community by building bridges of understanding between individuals across a wide spectrum of belief systems and faith practices. 

We stand grateful for our ancestors: those from generations before us; those who gave their knowledge, their spirit, their blood, sweat, and tears to cultivate, harvest and protect this prairie land. And we stand grateful for the leaders and visionaries of today who will build our community of tomorrow.

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