Gierach steps into the ring to be city’s next mayor

Kristine Jean Published in the Grove Examiner: Oct 02, 2021  •  

Len Gierach wants to make Spruce Grove the best place to live in Alberta.

Spruce Grove resident Len Gierach is running for mayor in the 2021 municipal election. He is pictured here standing outside his campaign headquarters downtown. PHOTO BY KRISTINE JEAN

The mayoral candidate in this fall’s municipal election, intends to achieve that by incorporating his experience in business, arts and travel. He also wants to promote safer, attractive neighbourhoods within a healthy, caring city, and deliver better value for citizens’ tax dollars.

“I’ve always believed in community service. I live in Spruce Grove, I love it here so when the opportunity came, I considered council,” said Gierach. “Then when mayor Houston decided to step down, I thought I have the skills I believe, with a strong council to serve the people of Spruce Grove.”

The local candidate announced his run about two weeks ago and as a resident of the area for several years, wants to see Spruce Grove flourish by focusing on areas and issues that matter to him and the city’s residents, including strengthening the sense of community, providing additional mental health supports and continued economic growth.

“I think developing a stronger sense of community spirit is important. The majority of our people here are from other countries, other provinces and we need to provide that welcoming element so it’s a strong, safer community,” he said. “It’s really important I think to provide a caring, compassionate community and the resources that go along with that, and economic stimulation.”

In addition to a background in business, Gierach has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta and has travelled in three continents. He is a published writer and author; pianist and chorister (Richard Eaton Singers), which has helped fuel his passion for the arts.

“The Columbus Park redevelopment is going to have a stage. I’d love to see that filled every night next summer, bringing artists from the Fringe Festival and street performers,” said Gierach. “Why commute into Edmonton when you can enrich the culture and inspire young people with artists here.”

Gierach’s service to the community is rooted in the Edmonton Toastmasters Clubs, Rotary Clubs in both Spruce Grove and Edmonton, as well as serving on the board of directors for the North American Interfaith Network. If elected as mayor, Gierach wants citizens to know he’ll work hard to listen, care and lead the city to make Spruce Grove the best place to live in Alberta.

“That we’re a listening, learning council. We have a team of creative, committed and compassionate councillors who will take those needs and listen first and take action,” said Gierach. “That’s my mandate. I’ll do what I can in the next four years or possibly longer, to make that happen.”